Tandem Trailer Key Features

When buying a Tandem Trailer there are several important features to look out for in a quality trailer.

Here at Tui Trailers we have many year’s of trailer kKnowledge we have learned many important features that make up a not only a quality trailer but features that are important for a long service life.

Our trailers have been designed and manufactured with the end user in mind you the customer, our tandems are built tough to last for many years of service, which is why we can confidently give our trailers a genuine 5 year warranty.

14 Key Features to Look out for when buying a new Tandem:

  • A strong welded frame this being the chassis, frame and sides, (bolted frames are more suited to smaller single axle trailers tandems need to be welded.)
  • Checker plate or similar floor this needs or should have fully welded seams and sealed.(I’ve seen some riveted checker plate floors, they simply wont last the distance, when used with heavy tandem loads. Riveted floors again are suited more to single axle trailers)
  • A trailer fully hot dipped galvanized steel construction is preferred.
  • Strong tie down rails, this will make life easy when it comes to tying your load down, more importantly make your load safer, (hooks limit tie points rails are preferred).
  • Heavy gauge steel used for mudguards 2mm or above, strong enough to stand on, with larger trailers you will need to be able to stand on the mudguards at some point, so you need to know they wont fail on you.
  • Braces on the ends of the mudguards, for added strength.
  • Box section for chassis not cheaper angle iron, spacings of supports should be around 400mm centers this is ideal for heavy loads.
  • Large box section draw-bar 100 x 50 is best with a long length which will make backing easy, angle iron draw bars simply wont do.
  • Look for Solid Steel Steel Axles, 50mm diameter axles. (hollow axles are simply not strong enough to carry the weight a tandem is expected to carry.) With solid axles you can have lathed stub axles all in one piece, not welded stub axles as found with hollow axles.
  • 14″ heavy rated tires and wheels.
  • Suspension, Should have solid fixings for springs with added frame supports, 7 Leaf Eye to Eye shackle springs with rockers, self-leveling is preferred, (not the cheaper slipper springs). look for the heaviest springs as these will be carrying your loads. look for grease nipples for the rollers in the eye springs having grease points will extend the life of your springs and fixings.
  • Braked is ideal as without brakes you can not carry heavy loads. we recommend cable brakes over hydraulic as there is less to go wrong, and are more user friendly (no brake fluid to leak out).
  • Heavy twin safety chains.
  • Payload 2000kg, GVW: 2500kg