Custom Builds

Tui Trailer Custom Built Trailer Reference Information

So you are perhaps looking to have a custom built trailer, well we do have many years of experience in engineering and trailer construction.

Custom builds can be built with us, but I won’t lie they do take us longer than they use to, as our standard/regular model builds do take preference.

Over time as our business has grown we have built up a large range/selection of our regular build trailer models, these models do come first before any custom builds these days, that being said we do welcome any custom builds and we are happy to go through a design and pricing process with you.

As a general rule our custom builds do and will incur higher costs than our regular models, simply as our regular models are made in large runs/numbers, whereas a custom build we will be making a one of a kind for you and does take us more man hours.If you would like to discuss the option of a custom build contact us direct and we can work through this option with you.

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